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Set your iron to COTTON - NO STEAM. Wait until the iron gets hot. 
Make sure your garment can handle the temperature.

Apply labels to CLEAN and thoroughly DRY garments.
Labels will not adhere correctly to soiled or wet garments.

1.  Place label on garments in the desired position.
2.FIRMLY press the heated iron on top of the label and count to 10. Do not move the iron side to side as this may  smear the letters.  Labels adheres quickly but needs the full 10 seconds to set.
3. Allow the garment to cool to room temperature. Try to peel the label off with your fingernail.  If you can peel even a small edge of the label, your iron is not hot enough.  Use other iron or re-apply it with more pressure for 15 - 20 seconds. The label should feel smooth.

Questions?  Contact us at customerservice@prontolabels.com