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Iron on labels with a personalized name on wash proof material have spared parents many visits to the lost & found.  The idea for Pronto Labels actually got started  when one day at my son's daycare I saw another child wearing my son's shirt! Although I had labeled, the permanent marker had smeared and was difficult to read. "That's it!", I said and the rest is history!

As a busy parent, I wanted something easy and quick.   Pronto Labels provides durable fabric labels that are completely washable and apply in 10 seconds with a hot iron.  You'll be impressed!

Put a stop to lost or misplaced clothing. Iron-on labels are perfect for helping daycares, schools, camps, and group homes.

Our company advocates excellent customer service.  If you are not pleased, we are not pleased.  So, ironon our label to children's (camp / school clothes) and seniors garments in a jiffy by using a personalized iron on labeling system that works. We have a  100% guarantee or your money back policy.

Julienne Correa
Owner and Parent

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