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   Can these iron on labels go on any material?
   Any material that can withstand the heat of  an iron on the "cotton setting" 
   for 10 seconds. Although you will notice that the labels adhere immediately, 
   it is important that you firmly place the label on the clothes for the full 10 seconds.

   Can your iron-on labels withstand industrial washer and dryers 
   at group facilities or camps? When applied properly (please follow instructions),
   our garment labels are specifically made  to withstand these types of machines.
   Beware: This is not always the case with most of our competition.

   What color are the labels? 
   Your label will be white with the name that you desire in permanent black ink.

   Can you sew on the labels? 
   Our labels were made as durable iron ons however if you want to sew them on, 
   you can. The best way, is to apply the label on the lowest heat possible so it can 
   soften a bit before sewing it on to the desired garment. 

   What are the dimensions? 
   All labels whether 1 line or 2 are all 2 inches by 3/8th of an inch.

   What are the labels made of?
   We care about the durability of our product so we made them out of woven 
    polyester and print the name of your choosing with indelible washable ink.

   How are they packaged? 
   They come in strips of 4 to 5 labels each which are easy to individually rip.

   I'm uncomfortable with ordering online, can I order via mail or by phone? 
   We want to assure you that we have gone through great lengths to provide a secure 
   online payment process, however our customers are welcome to order using 
   our mail order form or calling us on our toll-free number at 1-800-514-3037.

   Do you accept international orders? 
   Yes we do!  Our processing time is still 1 to 2 business days and then we ship
    your order First Class Mail (no extra charge for shipping).  We can not predict 
   the time of arrival since shipping arrival time changes from country to country.